23/01/2024 PTX News

Mayor of Cottbus visits PtX Lab Lausitz

(from left to right: Dr. Harry Lehmann, Tobias Schick, Anita Demuth, Dr. Sebastian Voswinckel)

Stimulating exchange on ways to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality in aviation, shipping and the chemical industry

On 19 January 2024, PtX Lab Lausitz welcomed the City Mayor of Cottbus, Tobias Schick, who took a closer look at the new location of the PtX Lab Lausitz on Calauer Straße as part of his company visits. Accompanied by Ralf Beyer, Economic Affairs Officer at the town hall, the mayor first took a tour of the offices, which offer modern working conditions for the current 30 employees, most of whom come from the region or have moved to Lusatia. The tour then focussed on the role of the PtX Lab Lausitz as a knowledge platform, source of inspiration and point of contact for industry, politics and science.

Establishing Lusatia as a model region for PtX technologies in Germany

At PtX Lab Lausitz, Schick learnt about the work of the think-and-do tank, which has been actively shaping the path to greenhouse gas neutrality since its foundation in 2021 and focuses on synthetic fuels for aviation and maritime transport as well as the transformation of the chemical industry. The head of Cottbus was received by the director Dr. Harry Lehmann, who has been a member of the Club of Rome since September 2023, as well as its deputies Anita Demuth and Dr. Sebastian Voswinckel. They informed the delegation from the town hall about upcoming tasks and challenges. The talks focussed on the planned construction of a power-to-liquid (PtL) demonstration plant in Lusatia.

“With the lighthouse effect of the Pilot plant, we want to help transform Lusatia into a model region for PtX technologies in Germany and a sustainable, post-fossil energy region.”
Dr. Harry Lehmann, Head of PtX Lab Lausitz

The employees' efforts to define sustainability criteria for PtX products and derive policy recommendations as well as social and economic development potential were then explained.

Information on current publications and planned specialist events, such as the quarterly digital PtX Lab Talks and the integration of the Think-and-Do Tank into the Lusatian stakeholder landscape, rounded off the exchange with the Lord Mayor. In addition to them, it is above all the network with which the PtX Lab Lausitz contributes significantly to the interlinking within the Lusatian structural change region. The Lusatian Lab maintains numerous collaborations and memberships, including the Cluster Decarbonisation in Industries (CDI), the hydrogen network durcH2atmen and the Lusatia Science Network.

Mayor Tobias Schick and Ralf Beyer, economic affairs officer for the city of Cottbus, sit at the table and follow the conversation
Mayor Tobias Schick and Ralf Beyer, Economic Affairs Officer for the City of Cottbus, are introduced to the world of PtX technologies and applications in a friendly and interested manner

Exchange at Competence Centre on Climate Change Mitigation in Energy-Intensive Industries (KEI)

Before the head of the town hall visited the PtX Lab Lausitz, he visited the Competence Centre on Climate Change Mitigation in Energy-Intensive Industries (KEI), which is located in close proximity to the PtX Lab. The KEI was founded in 2019 as a division of the Zukunft - Umwelt - Gesellschaft (ZUG) in Cottbus. The KEI employees welcomed the Mayor to their premises on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße and gave an outlook on upcoming tasks and projects. The think tank has been carrying out important work in terms of project funding, knowledge transfer and networking from its Cottbus location for around four years.


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