About us

Park Branitz in spring.

Our objectives

PtX Lab Lausitz aims to support the economy and civil society on their path to net zero emissions. In this role, the Lab will act as a knowledge platform, ideas hub and point of contact for industry, policy and research. The overall aim is to facilitate the market ramp-up for the environmentally safe and sustainable manufacture and use of Power-to-X (PtX) products. The initial focus will be concentrated on synthetic fuels (Power-to-Liquid, PtL) based on green hydrogen for use in aviation and shipping.

The construction and operation of a PtL pilot plant in the Lusatia region is also planned, so as to offer a hands-on experience of the potential offered by PtX. This will enable Lusatia to become a model region for PtX in Germany and a post-fossil energy region for the future.

Our mission

Our work will focus primarily on answering questions about the ways in which PtX products can be manufactured and used in a sustainable and non-polluting way. Activities here will also include creating the economic and legal environment needed to achieve a rapid and successful market ramp-up. This work will aim to target the entire value chain of participating technologies and industry sectors, as well as their resource efficiency and positioning within the circular economy.

PtX Lab Lausitz, including the planned pilot plant, will give key stakeholders in research and business alike the opportunity to try out new kinds of service provision, to learn how to develop new business models and put these into practice, step by step. This work will be conducted as part of close cooperation with research, industry, and both national and international market players.

Our structure

PtX Lab Lausitz, a think-and-do tank for the production of fuels and basic materials from green hydrogen, was established by Zukunft – Umwelt – Gesellschaft (ZUG) gGmbH in March 2021. The legal basis is formed by the German Structural Strengthening Act for Coal Regions (“Strukturstärkungsgesetz Kohleregionen”), which came into force in 2020. In August 2021, PtX Lab Lausitz was officially launched as a new ZUG business unit at the Cottbus site.

Both PtX Lab Lausitz and the Competence Centre on Climate Change Mitigation in Energy-Intensive Industries (KEI), also based in Lusatia, are divisions of ZUG, a federal service company that is operated to promote environmental protection, conservation and climate action on behalf of the German Federal Government.

Our team

Staff at PtX Lab Lausitz work as part of interdisciplinary teams, and are drawn from the fields of economics, the natural and engineering sciences, public international law and the social sciences. Central to the work of the Lab is the principle of sustainable development in terms of new PtX technologies and business models.

The PtX Lab Lausitz is continuously expanding its competences and areas of responsibility - with a growing number of employees.


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