Nahaufnahme eines Windrads und durch grafische Nachbearbeitung darübergelegt die grünen gebogenen Linien aus dem Logo von PtXLab Lausitz

Green hydrogen and Power-to-X – building blocks for a successful energy transition

Fuels and basic materials produced from electricity have a key role to play in achieving complete greenhouse gas neutrality within society and the economy. However, that only holds true if the electricity that is used stems from renewable energy sources.

Action is needed in particular in areas where the direct use of electricity from renewable energy sources is technically impractical – such as for aviation and shipping within the transport sector. While in road transport electric vehicles have become readily available, these other transport modes cannot use electricity from renewables directly. In the chemicals industry, the production of basic materials such as ethylene and propylene also involves complex methods with high CO2 emissions.

This is where green hydrogen and the production of power to X basic materials and products are an essential building block for substituting fossil energies, pushing forward the energy transition and achieving national and international climate targets.