25/07/2023 PTX News

Green Shipping Corridors and Country Case Studies

Ship crosses an ocean

Digital roundtable discussion on green shipping corridors, infrastructure requirements and business opportunities for energy companies as well as ports, and how to build a PtX ecosystem in practice.

Green shipping corridors are shipping routes powered by zero-carbon emissions ships. Designed as cooperation between shippers, ports, governments and energy suppliers, they turn climate ambitions into action. However, without political influence and the establishment of rules and standards between the individual actors on a particular shipping route, they are difficult to implement. So what is needed to make the establishment of a green shipping corridor a reality? What policies can governments use to positively influence it? What are the roles and new business opportunities for ports? And when will the transition to clean shipping be possible?

On July 19, 2023, the webinar on "Green Shipping Corridors and Country Case Studies" organized by the International PtX Hub explored these and other questions. More than 100 participants took part in the first edition of the three-part webinar series, which is jointly organized by Agora Verkehrswende, International PtX Hub and PtX Lab Lausitz.

Speakers of the day

Frank Münk, Advisor PtX Hub, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)


"Introduction to Green Shipping"

Jesse Fahnestock, Project Director Decarbonisation, Head of Analysis at the Global Maritime Forum


"Strategies and Business Models for Developing Green Shipping Corridors"

Vanessa Davidson, Special Project Manager at Freeport Saldanha South Africa


"The Development of the South Africa-European Union Iron Ore Corridor Initiative"

The video recording of the event

The presentations of the speakers are available in the download area on the right. Interested parties can also follow all the presentations and the subsequent discussion along with the participants' questions in the video recording of the event.

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To the entire webinar series

We thank all participants for their interest and contributions. "PtX Lab Talk+ Technologies, policies and fuels for fossil-free maritime transport" is a three-part webinar series. We - Agora Verkehrswende, International PtX Hub and PtX Lab Lausitz - invite you to get to know the other webinars as well.

Here you will find information on the entire webinar series.