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In the Lausitz Magazin, Dr Harry Lehmann talks about the topics of the energy transition, PtX technologies and structural change

Political will is a decisive factor in transitioning from a dependence on coal to becoming a forward-looking, post-fossil region

Dr Harry Lehmann, Director of PtX Lab Lausitz, is one of the pioneers of the energy transition. As far back as the 1990s, he was already publishing studies on supplying power from renewable sources at a nationwide scale in Germany. Even then, Lehmann recalls, many experts realised that the large-scale expansion of photovoltaic and wind turbine systems, as well as the establishment of a modern market based on renewables, all had to be key components of the energy transition. While renewables have performed better than expected since then, the question remains as to when Germany can meet all of its power requirements from sun and wine – whose answer strongly depends on the interplay of people, private enterprise and politics.

What’s to be done when the public rejects measures for climate change mitigation and the energy transition?

According to an analysis from 2023, many people in the Lausitz region are frustrated by measures for climate change mitigation and the energy transition. But Lehmann has a strategy: rejection can only be countered by “information that should be as relevant for people as possible.” This is why he communicates actively whenever possible with the local population, his colleagues and journalists, as well as sceptical and critical voices, hears them out and talks to them, seeks dialogue. Lehmann thinks that many groups – whether researchers, policymakers or journalists – should feel duty-bound to take action against fake news on climate and structural change with facts and dialogue.

The knowledge is there. Technologically, it’s all possible.
Dr Harry Lehmann, Director of PtX Lab Lausitz

The technology and know-how to transform the chemical industry, aviation and shipping is available

Lehmann believes Germany is making good progress in tackling Power-to-X (PtX): “The knowledge is there. Technologically, it’s all possible.” The Lausitz region also has a pioneering role to play in the energy transition process, Lehmann points out, as it offers a vast amount of space and potential for renewables and sustainable carbon. He’s calling for investments to now be made and efforts redoubled to ensure the construction of the Power-to-Liquid (PtL) pilot plant planned by PtX Lab Lausitz. Locations that the results of a study have shown to be suitable at least in principle for the plant site are currently being subjected to an in-depth feasibility analysis. The team at PtX Lab Lausitz is ready to go once the decision has been made.


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