08/08/2023 PTX News

Maritime Climate Mitigation Options: Technologies and Fuels

Container ship in port

Part two of a three-part webinar series on shipping focuses on technological options for reducing the climate impact of shipping.

Almost all global trade is carried out by shipping. Since this primarily involves the use of heavy oils and fossil fuel-based marine diesel, two to three percent of the world's GHG emissions are caused by freighters, container ships and ferries. European shipping alone - if it were considered as one country - would be the eighth largest CO2 emitter in the world. This makes it all the more important to discuss the propulsion systems and fuels of the maritime future.

There are already various options that mitigate the climate impact of global shipping. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, rather a mix of measures will be needed. What operational improvements can increase efficiency in shipping? What is needed to transition to more climate-friendly propulsion modes? What is the role of PtX fuels, such as e-methanol and e-ammonia? And what challenges in terms of availability and environmental compatibility are associated with their market introduction?

These and other questions were addressed on August 2, 2023, in the webinar organized by Agora Verkehrswende on "Maritime Climate Mitigation Options: Technologies and Fuels". Around 90 participants took part in the second edition of the three-part webinar series, which is jointly organized by Agora Verkehrswende, the International PtX Hub and the PtX Lab Lausitz.

Speakers of the day

Constance Dijkstra, Shipping Campaigner, Transport & Environment 

"Efficiency and other Technologies in Shipping"

Shaghayegh Kazemi Esfeh, Researcher, DLR Institut für Maritime Energiesysteme

"PtX Fuels in Shipping"

Nora Wissner, Researcher, Öko-Institut

"Sustainability of Renewable Fuels for Shipping"

The video recording of the event

The presentations of the speakers are available in the download area on the right. Interested parties can also follow all the presentations and the subsequent discussion along with the participants' questions in the video recording of the event.

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We thank all participants for their interest and contributions. "PtX Lab Talk+ Technologies, policies and fuels for fossil-free maritime transport" is a three-part webinar series. We - Agora Verkehrswende, International PtX Hub and PtX Lab Lausitz - invite you to get to know the other webinars as well.

Here you will find information on the entire webinar series.