05/05/2023 PTX News

Plea for the most sustainable possible market ramp-up of synthetic fuels

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The PtX Lab Lausitz positions itself at the aireg Sustainable Aviation Fuels Conference 2023 in Berlin.

The PtX Lab Lausitz participated in the aireg Sustainable Aviation Fuels Conference 2023 with a panel appearance by Dr Harry Lehmann and an on-site information stand. The exchange forum took place on 4 and 5 May in Berlin and brought together a good 150 experts from the national and international aviation industry. According to the organiser, aireg, the aim of the English-language conference is: "inspiring speeches, distinguished panellists and lively discussions with experts from around the globe".

In this environment, Lab Director Dr Harry Lehmann presented the positions and perspectives of the Cottbus think tank on 5 May in the panel discussion "Power-to-Liquid: The most sustainable option? Among other things, he emphasised the efforts of the PtX Lab Lausitz to research and demonstrate how PtL fuels can be produced in a particularly sustainable manner. According to Lehmann, this is an important addition to the many parallel attempts by other institutions and companies to research particularly favourable production methods. In the planned Lausitz demonstration plant for the production of synthetic kerosene, the highest possible sustainability standards would therefore be implemented. In addition, the PtX Lab Lausitz is also concentrating on the development of binding sustainability standards.

Dr Harry Lehman stated on stage: "We should find honest, transparent and science-based solutions for the PtL market ramp-up. Above all, we are faced with the task of using renewable energies even more sustainably and efficiently. And the efficiency in the use of the required materials - such as copper in wind turbines - must also be well thought out and transparent. These are the issues we are addressing in the PtX Lab Lausitz to make the most sustainable change possible in aviation."

Dr Harry Lehmann's assessments and the direction of the work of the PtX Lab Lausitz offered a great deal of overlap with the basic tenor of the aireg conference. For a core statement of most of the contributions of the industry experts at the aireg conference and a kind of résumé was: It is high time to act.  

About aireg
The organisation "aireg - Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany e.V." campaigns for the increased production and use of renewable energy sources in air transport. It was founded in 2011 by airlines, airports, research institutions and companies in the aviation industry and in the provision and processing of raw materials. The PtX Lab Lausitz has been a member of the aireg since June 2022.


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