12/07/2023 PTX News

Lusatia - from lignite mining region to model region

Einblick in das Pitch Event "Bundeseinrichtungen im Strukturwandel"

PtX Lab Lausitz and other federal institutions accompany the structural change in Lusatia to a post-fossil energy region with expertise and know-how

Since the "Structural Strengthening of Coal Regions Act" (StStG) came into force, more federal authorities and institutions have settled in Brandenburg's Lausitz region. In the course of the transformation from a lignite mining region to an energy region, they are not only attractive employers, but also central points of contact and important sources of impetus for industry, politics and science. The PTX Lab Lausitz, founded in March 2021, is also one of them.

In order to make the impact and performance of the mostly still young institutions visible locally as well and to further network them with representatives of municipalities and districts, the Potsdam State Chancellery has organized a pitch event on July 11, 2023. A dozen organizations accepted the invitation to the Startblock B2 startup center at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and presented their key tasks, personnel development and impact in the region as well as their radiance beyond. The Cottbus-based PtX Lab Lausitz sees itself as a practical laboratory for fuels and basic materials from green hydrogen. The focus of the work is the decarbonization of air and sea transport as well as the chemical industry. In this context, the Lab's commitment is not only to advance the market ramp-up of PtX products that are as sustainable as possible and to establish a PtL demonstration plant in the region, but also to Lusatia itself.

"We want to help the region participate in the intended market ramp-up of PtX products and the resulting economic opportunities."
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Voswinckel, Deputy Head of the PtX Lab Lausitz

The diversity of the institutions represented was impressive. Their main tasks range from regional development to geothermal energy and industrial transformation. For example, in addition to the PtX Lab, the Competence Centre on Climate Change Mitigation in Energy-Intensive Industries (KEI), which is also part of the Cluster Decarbonisation in Industries (CDI)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, provided insights into its field of work.


Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Voswinckel presents the PtX Lab Lausitz.

All in all, the event was a successful prelude to a stimulating exchange between municipal, state and federal representatives on the transformation region of Lusatia. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Freytag, the Lusatia representative, has already announced that there will be more in-depth cooperation in the form of follow-up formats.



Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Voswinckel
Deputy Head
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03048 Cottbus
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